Professional Soft House Washing Services


Soft washing is a safer way to clean the exterior surfaces of your home. Soft washing is a custom blend of cleaning solutions applied to the area that needs to be cleaned by the use of low pressure pumps. It is these special chemicals that allow soft washing to work effectively.


Benchmark Pressure Washing is a professional power washing company that provides soft washing services for roof cleaning, house washing, deck cleaning and more. If the exterior appearance of your house is not living up to your high standards, your house is in need of a good cleaning service. Soft washing is a type of power washing that is highly recommended due to the lack of danger for your house. Power washing and heavy pressure washing can strip your house of the weather guarding elements and damage your house and property. Soft washing is the alternative to power washing.


Because soft washing uses a chemical solution to clean the exterior surface of your house, it is extremely important that you hire a professional soft washing company for the job. Benchmark Pressure Washing has trained professionals who understand the importance of safely handling all soft washing jobs. Our professionals will care for you and your property as if it were our own. Once the chemicals are applied to the affected area, it is left alone to break down the bonds between the dirt and algae. This also gives it the time to seep into all the little cracks and crevices. After the short time passes, the solution is rinsed from your roof with a low pressure system very similar to a common water hose.


We recommend using soft washing on certain areas of your house instead of power washing. Shingled roofs are a number one example of an area that needs soft washing. Our “soft washing” method does not use any high pressure, which could damage your shingles and affect the long term performance of your entire roof system. ALL shingle roof manufacturers recommend cleaning with low pressure, not to void their warranty. High pressure can create premature granule loss and exposure of the weathering layers of your shingle, along with many other destructive issues.

Soft Washing is Ideal For...

Vinyl Siding, Wood siding, Stucco, Dryvit, Brick and more!

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